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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Preparedness Wednesday: November in Review

October was a crap shoot: newborn with pretty bad reflux, 4 surgeries, a root canal, Halloween, ring-around-the-rosie with the insurance company over my baby's medication and a few more curve balls that life had for me, meant that I didn't accomplish any of my preparedness goals. But I did better in November.

  • Bought a second shoe rack (this one for my closet), so the area by the backdoor could feasibly be a little more organized
  • Attended a meeting where mom's shared ideas about how they manage to keep their houses clean and organized.
  • Paid off a chunk of my husband's student loan with my credit card, because the interest rate is significantly better. (Sad, huh?)
  • Had a gate installed so my neighbors dog won't be able to poop in my backyard anymore. Yay!
Food Storage:
  • Dole pineapple tidbits- 50 cents per can @ Albertson's
  • Campbell's cream of mushroom soup- 39 cents per can @ Smith's
  • Swanson's vegetable broth- 39 cents each @ Smith's
  • Natural canned black olives- $8.97 for 8 pack @ Costco (We recently discovered that not only are these cheaper than your average black olive, they also taste much, much better.)
  • S&W canned black beans- 49 cents each @ Smith's
  • Progresso Vegetable soup- 75 cents each @ Albertson's
  • Cold milled flax seed- $8 @ Costco, shelf life is not as long as whole flax seed, but it's still a couple years and it sooo much more convenient.

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