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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pantry Challenge Week 3

Did you have a great holiday with your kids? We did. House cleaning and blogging didn't happen, but we had fun. So Heather had dreams of books I was going to review and various prizes I was going to give away this month, but I was forgetting 'I am a mother of three now'. I never have as much time as I am hoping for. And things always come up. Anywho, moving forward.
 Here was my grocery spending breakdown for last week:

  • Cilantro, a pepper and green onions- $1.90
  • milk- $2.89
  • greek yogurt- $3.59 ( I used it to make tzatziki sauce out of my cucumber. That recipe was a failure.)
  • bread- $2.34
  • ice cream- $2 (It was a prize on the chore chart.)
So that's roughly $13.

 No complaints from my family yet on using the things that we have. Of course the kids just finished the last of the chicken nuggets and I'm not buying anymore before February. We'll see how that goes. I still have a fair amount of fresh produce including a squash that's been in my fridge since before Christmas, so I'm trying to use up those things.

Here's the meal plan for this week:
Upside Down Cranberry Cake- If it turns out well I'll put it up here.

shells and cheese
stir-fried veggies with brown rice and plum sauce

Reuben Pinto Burgers- Another new recipe
Hippie Tacos (Vegetarian style)
BBQ Beans  (Again, sans meat)
Squash Quesadillas with Apple Salsa- Looks good, going to give it a whirl
Cream of Mushroom soup- good ol' standby
Green eggs and Spam- The green eggs are made with pureed spinach. My daughter is a big fan of sauteed Spam; it tastes like thick bacon. I'm not so much.

More tangerines, pears and apples
Homemade bread (universe willing)

What fun things are you eating? And how are you trying to use what's in your pantry?


  1. Hey Heather!
    I don't know how much bread you go through, but we go through a lot! (Kirk eats 2 sandwiches every day for lunch and I usually eat 1...So generally we go through 2 loafs a week) Considering it's just Kirk and I who eat it. Anywho, have you tried the bread outlet on the Blvd and aprrox 500 East? It's similar to the Stoffers outlet but it's bread that is close to it's "Sale By" or "Expiration" date. We get our bread for 50 cents there and have for a couple years. Never had a problem. Might help your family save an extra few dollars to spend on something else!

  2. Thanks Cat. I'll have to check it out.