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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Alice- a way to save time and money

Today I just discovered something wonderful...Alice. (Like the maid from The Brady Bunch) It's a grocery website, and unlike some other sites there is no fee to join and shipping is always free. That's right, free, with no minimum dollar amount to get that free shipping. It's a great place to get non-perishable items and they add coupons to those items automatically. So you get great deals without the hassle of clipping coupons. Then Alice will email you a reminder (based on the numbers in your household) when you might be running low on particular items from your account. No more 'Oh shoot, I only have half a roll of the toilet paper in the house, and I need to run to the store right now to restock and I have to put clean clothes on the kids and find a lost shoe and deal with tantrums because the kids haven't napped today' because Alice will have reminded you in time for a new package to be shipped to your house this morning.
Another great thing is you don't have to buy in bulk in order to get these great deals. The site also offers the quality products that we're used to shopping for. And it makes shopping easy. You can search by room, product, brand, coupon, new products or the best deals.
This morning I ordered a large package of Huggies baby wipes (that was cheaper than my local Walmart), deodorant (2 Speed Sticks @ 58 cents each), paper towels (Bounty@ 59 cents), Charmin toilet paper (12 rolls), Reynold's recycled aluminum foil, and Crest Children's toothpaste. A pretty basic list, which came to $20.26 with tax. And I love, love, love that it is being shipped to my door, for free. Oh Alice, where have you been all my life?
The drawbacks of this service:
1. You must purchase at least 6 items (but really, when was the last time you went to the store and got less than 6 items?)
2. If you really do need the product right now, you're out of luck, standard UPS shipping rates apply.
3. I've found that it's not generally a good place to purchase pantry items. At least where I live I find that I can get cereal for half of the cost, or less.
Having said that, I still highly endorse it. Check it out at the link below

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  1. BTW, It took 5 business days for my stuff to get here. Not bad for free shipping.