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Monday, September 14, 2009

Websites for saving money
This website is most helpful for shopping online. Setting up an account is free and after you do that they take a percentage of the money that you spend at pre contracted websites and put it into a savings account for your kids' college fund. They also provide many coupon codes that are exclusive to Upromise members. The amount you get back varies with the retailer, but there is a huge variety and although the amounts I get back are usually small, it's money that I would have spent anyway and it adds up. Although the most common benefits are from online shopping, there are also other perks. (I.e. I entered in my phone # after setting up a new account with Qwest and got a kick back from them. I used a real estate agent that they referred to sell my home and got $400 of my closing costs back. I've also got a few random pennies back here and there from registering my Alberton's card.)
Tons of coupon codes. I most often come here when looking for free shipping.

Sites for printing coupons:

This one posts lots of freebies, samples and sales.
I don't agree with everything this guy has to say, but he has some good ideas.
This one gives lists of prices at grocery stores and rates how good a deal it is. They also give instructions on where to get coupons for said items. They're really big on making the most of your newspaper coupons. They watch grocery stores in places other than Utah, (I think that they watch every state.) that's just where they're based and they tend to know the ins and outs of Utah grocery stores best.

There are many others and the blogs can direct you to some of them. These are just some that I have found that work.


  1. Cool list. I live in NYC and have a few sites I follow which focus on saving money in the city.

    You may want to check out:

  2. Hey, thanks for the tip. I'll remember that for when I ever visit.