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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Book Review: Book of Secrets

I bought Book of Secrets by Thomas Eaton  for my husband as a stocking stuffer last year. It's a fun little book. It's small enough that I can fit it in the pocket of my scrubs and when I'm on hold trying to get a hold of the pharmacy or a physician I can pull it out and read a page or two. It's somewhat of a random conglomeration of secrets, much like my blog. It's full of quotes and mini articles on all kinds of subjects. There are articles about cooking, bargain-hunting, weight loss and travel. There are also many articles about the secrets of famous people in history, politics and abandoned subway stations in New York City. (Really the author spends more time on this topic than any other.) It was definitely worth the read and possibly something that I'll reference in the future.The egg post that I wrote earlier this week was based on info that I learned from this book. Here's a list of a few of the random secrets that I learned in my reading.
  • Overheating non-stick frying pans can cause them to release potential carcinogens, tiny particles and toxic gases that can get into the lungs.
  • Pre-packaged salad is most often washed in a strong chlorine solution, so even though the package says that it's been washed, it's best to wash it again anyway.
  • To re-bake a cold potato without it drying out, dip it in water before baking it in a very hot oven for 15 minutes.
  • Only shop for clothes on Thursday, that's when most store get their new stock.
  • You can greatly reduce the cooking time of wild rice by soaking it overnight.
  • Taking your daily vitamins with tea or coffee prevents them from being absorbed.
  • Research has shown that shiitake mushrooms lower LDL cholesterol and can halt advanced cancers.
  • A high-protein meal can immediately boost your memory.
  • If you're looking for a husband move to the country. Research shows that there are more single women in the city and more single men in rural areas.
  • Applying a thin line of concealer around the outside edge of lips can give them more definition.

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