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Monday, June 20, 2011

3 Things That I Recommend to Every Pregnant Woman

I am pregnant with my third child, and there are few things that I wish I had known about the first time around that I thought I would share.

TKO Anti Burst Fitness Ball Set 65cm1. An exercise ball. My husband is a computer programmer which means that he spend a lot of time sitting at a desk. A co-worker recommended this for lower back pain. After trying it out he bought one for me too. Whenever I am sitting at a computer for more than 2 minutes I sit on this. It eases lower back and pelvic pain. Frankly it's a good idea for more than pregnant people, but especially for pregnant people. (And totally worth the $15-17)

2. A foam kitchen mat.  I have tile floors and standing in my kitchen for awhile really makes my legs ache. This isn't a cure-all, but it helps. And they're easy to clean too.

3. Stretchy maternity tank tops.  Why is that designers of many maternity shirts think that because I now have more cleavage than normal I want everyone to see it?  Besides covering up top, these tanks help cover that gap at the bottom, making my maternity and some of my regular clothes last a little longer.  I really don't get the maternity shirts that don't cover my belly. I figure other people want to see my stretch marks about as much as I do. I know that there are a few brands that specialize in maternity tank tops and belly bands. And the tanks run around $25 each. However, last week I went to Ross and found similar tank tops for $6 each. One size fits all. Now that's more like it. And I've tried the belly bands, they're not as magical as everyone told me they were.


  1. LOL - I never had to bother with the foam kitchen mat because I never bothered with the kitchen! Hahaha - I'm pretty sure Phil still hates me for that. :)

  2. Eh, I'm sure he's over it. If not he should get over it. Do you remember cooking together in high school? I don't remember what we were making but I have a distinct memory of laying on your parent's kitchen floor with a mixing spoon in hand and laughing so hard that it hurt to breathe. Good times.