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Monday, October 25, 2010

Book Review: Housekeeping Secrets My Mother Never Taught Me

Housekeeping Secrets My Mother Never Taught Me I wish I had discovered Housekeeping Secrets My Mother Never Taught Me by Joni Hilton when I was a newlywed. A clean house can save you time, money, improve your health and make you feel better about yourself. This book is a good guide to cleaning your house and is full of tips and pointers. (Although many of the decorating ideas are questionable or at least dated. But then I can't say that I'm a decorating expert either.) I also liked her statement "The easiest way to keep a house clean is to keep a clean house." So true! Here are some things that I learned from reading this book.
  • To whiten grout make a paste of baking soda, water and a few drops of bleach.
  • When moving nightstands, tables and other furniture, put orphan socks on the furniture legs to protects them and the floor from scratches.
  • A good way to hang pictures and avoid hitting your thumb with a hammer is to hold the nail in place with an old fork.
  • Most pillows can be washed on a gentle cycle.  Wash two at once, and put a clean tennis shoe with them in the dryer to help them stay fluffy.
  • To keep colored clothes from fading, before wearing for the first time, soak in salt water overnight, wash as usual.
  • When sewing a button onto white items use dental floss, it lasts much longer than regular thread.
  • Dabbing clear nail polish over the threads on the top of the button will make it last even longer.
  • Use ketchup to clean copper, or anything else with tomato acid in it.
  • The easiest way to clean mini-blinds is to put on clean cotton work gloves, get them sudsy and then wipe the blinds with your hands.
  • Used fabric softener sheets are great for shining chrome surfaces.
  • To cut down on squeaking in hardwood floors, rub talcum powder into the cracks.
  • Freezing candles before lighting makes the wicks last longer and the candle drip less.
  • Stickers can be removed with vinegar.
  • Shaving cream makes a great upholstery cleaner.


  1. These are great!!! I love the fork idea with the nails..... wish I knew that a couple of weeks ago :) Going to try the grout cleaner tomorrow :)

  2. Thanks. Hope the paste gives you gleaming grout!