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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Gratitute- A secret that really will save your sanity

Yesterday my toddler was very trying on my patience. While I was cleaning up from dinner he sqeezed out a mostly full large bottle of baby powder all over his room. After I bathed him and put him in his jammies and was cleaning up the powder her got in the tub with his sister and his clothes on. After I got them both out of the tub and went back to the powder he dumped an almost full bottle of shampoo all over the bathroom. And this is just what one hour of my day was like. He went to bed without stories, or at least that was my decree. (But when he climbed out of bed and looked at me with those big eyes and said "please book", I caved.) Still at the end of the day I was feeling kind of frustrated and a little sorry for myself. I cleaned all day long and my house was still a mess. Why can't things stay clean? Why can't I have time for me?
 This was still kind of in the back of my mind as I was saying my prayers and I asked for help to be a better mother. Then I thought of all of those people in Haiti and felt a little ashamed of myself. Here I'm in my comfortable home with my two kids who I adore, while there are thousands of people who are homeless and searching for loved ones and I'm upset about some clutter and dirty dishes?  Now I'm not saying that one situation really effects another.(Just because there are kids starving in China, doesn't mean that I could ever convince my kids to eat lima beans.) But my perspective needed to be readjusted. I need to remember to be grateful for the many blessings that I have. Just feeling grateful replaced the frustration and I went to sleep easy.

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