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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Favorite Books of 2010

Favorite Books for Mom
The Hiding Place (Hendrickson Classic Biographies)1. The Hiding Place- This is the amazing story of Corrie Ten Boom in her quest to save Jews in WWII Holland, her survival through the Nazi camps and her determination to see the positive in every situation. My favorite message from this book is "There is no problem so great that the power of Christ is not greater still." This was definitely the best book that I read this year.
2. The Hunger Games Trilogy- These books reminded me of 1984 and Lord of the Flies, but were much more gripping, with a main character who was easier to relate to. The series follows Katniss Evergreen, a 17 year-old girl as she fights to protect her family, friends and neighbors from a superficial and bloodthirsty government. If you haven't read them yet you should.
3.The Help This is the story of young privileged white woman in Mississippi and two black maids. Together they write a book about the realities of households in the 1960's and how black women are treated. In the process they find friendship and learn more about themselves.
4. How Children Learn I recommend this book (or bare minimum my longer review) to anyone who ever interacts with children. "If we show children sincere love and interest their confidence will grow, as will their love of learning. There is no time in all of a child's growing up, when he will not be seriously hurt if he feels that we adults are not interested in what he is trying to say."
5. Slow Fat Triathlete This is book is by an overweight woman who decided to take action, start exercising. Eventually she decided to enter the world of triathlons. She gives lots of practical advice on improving yourself and reaching your goals, even if the world thinks it is unlikely that you will succeed.

Favorite Children's Books
Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon1.Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon I love this book and think that everyone should read it to their children. It's about a tiny girl who finds happiness in just being herself.

2. That Book Woman This story honors pack horse librarians who traveled through various kinds of weather on horseback in the Appalachian Mountains so that they could encourage a love of reading in the children who lived there.
3. Jump Into Science: Stars This was another great find from the clearance bin. My kids love this book. It has bright illustrations and teaches them about stars in a way that they can understand.
4. Monsters Eat Whiny Children I think my husband and I enjoyed reading this book more than our kids did. This is a story of two whiny children who are kidnapped to be eaten for lunch. But then they have to endure the whining of several indecisive monsters and eventually escape and turn into two children who whine a little less often. 
5. Snowmen at Christmas My kids and I really enjoy this book. It's a cute story, plus it's fun to find the hidden things on every page. I also love that one of the snowmen moms has "CTR" painted in tiny letters on her hat band.  


  1. Great books! Here's to a new year of reading!

  2. Oh, I've been hearing a lot about "the Help". Must read!

  3. I re-read "The Hiding Place" in 2010, and a few of her other books. It was wonderful reconnecting with such a wonderful woman with such a simple and strong faith. The movie is also very good. I'm excited to read "Monsters Eat Whiny Children"... whining has never been tolerated here ("Go to your room until you get a nice voice back") so it makes me happy and a little smug to know someone has written a funny book about it!

  4. Oh great ideas, I'm really interested in that How Children Learn Book!


  5. Thanks for the great list! I LOVE to read but have only read a few of these. I will be refering back to your list! :)

  6. Thanks! I'm always looking for good books to read.

  7. Okay so I've read the top 3 adult books and 3 of the kids books. Loved them all!

  8. This is such a great list! Thanks for sharing. Have you ever read "The Worst Is Over" by... oh shoot. I forgot her name. :S Judith something. It might be something you would like! :)