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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Preparedness Wednesday: February in Review

  • Have garbage disposal replaced (Not one I was planning on, but it had to be done.)
  • Had our locks replaced (Again, not planning, but one morning we woke up and our front door lock was broken in locked position.)
  • Lots of car repairs and maintenance.
Emergency Supply:
  • #10 can dried green and red peppers- about $10 @ Walmart
  • #10 can cream of chicken soup mix- about $13 @ Walmart
  • A few more cans of Hormel Chili- because I found another coupon to make them 29 cents each @ Smith's
  • 4 liters extra virgin olive oil- $18 @ Costco
  • 4 bottles of Ragu pasta sauce- 65-77 cents each @ Smith's

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